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Schnitzel girl Goulasch

Originally, goulash was a shepherd’s stew of the Magyars, a people living in Eastern Europe, mainly in the Pannonian plains of Hungary. From there, it started its triumphal march into the world. In Hungary, the term “goulash” is used for soups containing solid ingredients such as noodles, vegetables, or meat cubes. What the rest of the world calls “goulash”, in Hungary is called “paprikas” or “pörkölt”.

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Hi there, I'm Liz. I've always loved cooking, and spent many years working on the food & beverage side of the hospitality industry, which served to increase my interest in food, wine and entertaining. I'm the first of my family to be born in the U.S., the product of two European parents - Dad loved cooking, it was his weekend passion, and he lit up the cooking bug in me.


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Hungarian Goulash Soup

Hot Hungarian goulash soup served in a ceramic bowl with a fresh roll

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