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People often have a love-hate relationship with onions.  You may love raw onions, but hate to chop them.  Or you may love them cooked but do not like them raw.  In order to avoid having to chop them, I have bought them already chopped in the produce section of the grocery store, only to bring them home and find that they have seen their heyday long before they found my kitchen.  Many foods and recipes are better with onions, so I thought I`d share these little pearls of wisdom with you, many of which are sourced in a book called Kitchen Wisdom, published many moons ago but still relevant today.


Put an onion in the refrigerator an hour before you need to slice or chop it.  You`ll weep less.

If the onion is too strong to use in a salad, cut it in rings and soak in cool water for one hour.  If it seems super strong, cover the rings with boiling water for a minute, then soak in ice water.

Store cut onions in the refrigerator in a screw top glass jar.  This will prevent the odor from permeating the frig.  Plastic containers tend to absorb the smell.

If you have leftover chopped onions, place them in a freezer bag and they can be stored in the freezer for months.  Cook them without defrosting.

Put slices of onions in a low oven and heat them until they are golden brown and dry.  Bottle and refrigerate them after they have cooled.  They can be used for stews, soups and sauces.

For a low calorie sauce, boil onions until they are very soft, drain well and put them in a blender.  Flavor them in any way you like.

The green stalks of green onions can be used as a garnish if you slice them lengthwise and place them in ice water.  They will curl nicely.




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