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We are currently on a big driving trip, and have had a lot of fun seeing the south and the southwest, some of which we are familiar with and some that is new.  I learned a lot about San Diego, a beautiful city.  I had no idea how much there is to explore there, and how many little “cities within a city” there are!   We went to Little Italy for a fabulous lunch, and I stopped in a little Italian market.  I’d still be there now if we didn’t have to continue our adventures!  These are some favorite things I found, that I will keep in my pantry forever.  I also found a “recipe” I’m sure none of us will ever need!



Ferrero Pocket Coffee – these are delectable, addictive little individually wrapped dark chocolates filled with espresso coffee.  What a delicious way to get a caffeine hit!  As soon as I got back to the hotel, I searched and found them on Amazon and ordered a big box.  Try them and you will not be sorry!  Unless of course you don’t like dark chocolate (what?) or dark coffee (well, ok).


Cento Vegetable Bouillon paste – Bouillon in general is easy to find at the grocery store, but vegetable bouillon is a difficult find.  This tube of Cento makes it easy to have vegetable bouillon on hand at all times.  Vegetable bouillon is great for seafood or veggie based soups and stews, and also great for those who avoid meat based products in general.  I’m so glad to have found this and can’t wait to use it! 

Anna Anellini Siciliani Pasta #72 – I had never seen a pasta shape like this.  The pasta is shaped in little thin circles that remind me of my short lived jewelry making days (jump rings for those of you that tried your hand at jewelry).  A little bit of online research revealed that they are usually used in baked dishes, but hubby thinks he remembers them in soups, which makes sense.  Can’t wait to try these in a new recipe!   The Anna line can be found on Amazon, made in Italy and lots of fun pasta shapes to try.



Beef Stew for 2,500?  Yikes!  We toured the USS Midway in San Diego, and the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro, tours I assumed would not be foodie related.  But wait!  Those brave sailors needed to be fed, and the infrastructure for keeping them all fed was amazing!  The photo here was on the Battleship Iowa, quite a feat to make any meal for so many men, and how they procured and stored the food supplies is amazing to me.  I do not recommend trying to recalculate this recipe to feed four or eight LOL.





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